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Diagnostic Reagents Ltd was established in 1961 and has achieved a reputation in the marketplace for expertise in the production of diagnostic products. Founded by Dr Kenneth Denson, a leading expert in the blood coagulation field, Dr Denson was the co-discoverer of Clotting Factor X and was also instrumental in the development of the widely adopted INR system of anticoagulant control.

Here at Diagnostic Reagents we make a wide range of products suitable for application in the field of haemostasis and haematology. As a manufacturer with worldwide distribution, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and are continuously striving to improve our service. This, coupled with the wealth of experience provided by our technical team, leads to products our customers can rely on.

The company has been selected to produce World Health Organisation (WHO) and Community Bureau of Reference (BCR) certified reference materials, as well as being invited to participate in international multicenter calibration exercises for both reference centres.

Located just north of Oxford in the Chiltern Hills, the company site is set in picturesque surroundings and is easily accessible by rail and road from the London airport Heathrow.