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Diagnostic Reagents are able to offer a high quality, reliable contract freeze-drying service. With large single run capacity, we can provide flexibility on size, type, duration and scheduling of a manufacturing run. Our experience in the development and execution of large scale manufacturing runs for all our in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) products allow us to offer advice whether you are a young startup company looking to develop your company and freeze dry from scratch, or an established manufacturer looking for extra capacity. We can also provide any company with a fall-back capability for existing production lines should there be an equipment failure.

Located on one site we have a number of industrial size freeze dryers with which we are able to perform freeze-drying runs on a contract basis. Our lyophilizers feature shelf areas of around 1.8 m2 - 3.75 m2 each, with up to 40 litres condenser capacity. This would allow vial capacity for around, 6000 10 mL (DIN10) vials, 7300 5 mL (DIN6) vials, or 14000 3 mL (DIN2) vials to be processed on one machine at a time. Stoppering and backfill with various gases is available where required. We have have fully automated controls linked to a computer system that allows for both in-cycle monitoring and post-process analysis.